Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's all about Me!

It's not every day you get 3, count them, 3 books--all wonderful and all about me. Brother and sister team Jocelyn and Nathaniel Hobbie have created 3 delightful books about a girl named Priscilla. In book #1 Priscilla is tired of her pink planet where everything is pink and decides to strike out on her own with a few pink things to remind her of home to see if there is something on the other side of the pink rainbow. She wanders through an entirely pink landscape until she encounters a colorful creature with wings and follows it. She is led to a very formal garden where she meets the Queen of Pink who promptly nets the butterfly declaring it gaudy and passe. The Queen has declared that all other colors but pink must be kept underground so Priscilla devises a way to get the Queen to loose all the colors and the pages take off from there!
" 'Colors!' cried Priscilla, 'There's so much to see!
A world with just one-how could that be?
I love all colors and all of their hues.
I love all the reds, different yellows, and blues.'
Then bursting with joy, cartwheeling with glee,
Priscilla raced home loving all she could see."

In Priscilla and the Splish-Splash Surprise our heroine decides to put a stop to all that boring rain and ventures outside where she meets Posy a pedagogical pixie who shows Priscilla the wonders of nature and the creatures and plants that long for and love rain like the "Funk Funnel Vine" and the "Muck Mover Mole." Once again Priscilla declares
'The rain used to seem like a dreary old bore.
I understand now it's about so much more!
There are worlds within worlds, An endless array.
Look closer, and you'll see things a new way.'

Priscilla enrolls in L'Ecole Rolleret in Priscilla Superstar! so that she can be a roller skating sensation in the upcoming production of Princess Rollerina. Instead, she gets the part of the "Infinite Wind" and by now you know she steals the show!

I love these books because of their language, their humor and their color. A blurb from Publishers Weekly on the back of #2 puts it perfectly, 'Jocelyn Hobbie's exuberant ink-and-watercolor pictures combine a giddy abundance of detail with a stylish editorial sensibility. She seems to be channeling a bit of Dr. Seuss touched with Hilary Knight.'

And speaking of pink check out this clip from the Dog Whisperer entitled "Kobo, Bangles, and Kisses. " I don't know what to say, but maybe y'all do.

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