Sunday, April 29, 2007

One down 5 to go

Here you have it! True to my word. Ravenclaw beret #1 finished. HP1 finished! Now as you see I have begun HP2 and am actually percentage-wise further along in my reading than my knitting. I have cast on and ribbed my first Gryffindor beanie. The color of the yarn is actually very close to the red phoenix which is rosier than winier. Note how the yarn ends echo Harry's hands pulling away at the bird's tail feathers. I have been taking copious notes in my reading and paying particular attention to knitted things AND pouches about which I will post later. I watched HP3 movie with my daughter and took a double take at Ron's hat in the scene where Harry is invisible and ambushes Draco in the snow. It is a very funky ear flap hat which of course is now on my list of thinks to knit. I am trying to organize a Potter knit-in at my library in early July and hope to have knitting tutorials projected on the screen in our meeting room as well as HP movies playing in various corners of the building. We'll serve Potter fare and perhaps our teens can stage a reader's theater scripted from a possible ending of HP!!!

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2ndGenLibrarian said...

Wow! I love all the additional ideas to the knit-in. Quite an event.