Thursday, May 3, 2007

CJRLC Tech Challenge

The impetus behind my starting this blog was a challenge proposed by the Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative of which my library is a member. Without their guidance and support I probably would not have plunged so heartily into the churning waters of Web 2.0. What follows is a checklist of those items that I have accomplished. I have one task left.

Register with Blogger (or another service) and set up a blog- Here 'tis

Start a Flickr photo account

Subscribe to an aggregator like Bloglines and set up RSS feeds from blogs or websites.

I currently subscribe to 155 feeds in my Bloglines account.
I have 5 playlists with subjects ranging from KIDLIT to Needlepoint

Read about Web 2.0 and Library 2.0; post some comments on your blog.
I have read several articles om Web 2.0. My final task is to blog.

Learn to use at least one of the following:
LibraryThing: I have a stack of books by my desk at home ready to catalog.
Google Maps:
Delicious: - This was actually the first of these technologies that I became comfortable with and use on a regular basis.
• Squidoo:

Teach someone else how to use one of the technologies described above
I have actually begun to help my husband set up a Flickr account. I do this with some trepidation.

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