Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's Our little secret

My husband has this comraderie with our mailman such that when the handoff of a box with my name on it occurs there is a knowing chuckle and a sympathetic nod- Yet another box of yarn they intone silently or perhaps another load of remaindered books. Sigh. Such was the response when I received a parcel on Thursday which I did not open until this morning. Gasp! Oh happy day! They were WRONG! My pentominoes have arrived at long last. As you can see I am keeping them in their plastic housing because alas I do not trust I will be able to get them back into place right away since I am pile shifting and can't really defend another distraction. These will be used in an upcoming book club with my tweens who are reading The Wright 3. I had also ordered a copy of the Robie House paper model which I'm waiting on, but I am not sure this will work with my group.

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