Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Bittner Brilliance

I want everyone who is invested in the world of children's literature, be you bookseller, librarian, teacher, parent, grandparent or aunt/uncle, to hightail it over to Reading Reptile and read this marvelous bit entitled:
TEN SECONDS: Running the Hurdles with Harry Potter
The sheer genius of its content and the structure of its delivery does my heart proud because once again I am reminded that I work in a field with smart people like this and I now count him and the Reptile family as my new family. How many of us have occupied that transcendent moment when trying to sell a book while mentally dodging all those commercial and social cliches that come flying at us like winged monkeys? I have spent the last week visiting close to 500 children in their classrooms trying to promote and sell the summer reading program at our public library. I tell them that it is my job to find them something they want to read and I mean that. I only hope that at least one of them will take me up on it.

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cloudscome said...

Thanks for this. I had to link you I found it so thoughtful. I like Potter too but I don't like how the five and six year olds measure all books by the size and weight of the latest Potter. It's really sad when the grownups are at that level too.