Thursday, March 29, 2007

Feet Candy: What did I tell you?

In an earlier post entitled "The Confectionization of the World" I briefly stated my theory that all strives to be sweet and edible. Now take a look at this Yes the Simmons girls have come up with a new line of shoe pastry--Guess there's not enough dough in that family. Vanessa and Angela, daughters of Joseph "Run" Simmons of Run-D.M.C and neices of Russell And Kimora Simmons the Hip Hop clothiers have a new product they have brought to market. Let's see if I grok this. They are pastries in the shape of sneakers. They retail for about $65 and you can choose between Strawberry Shortcake, and Chocolate Mousse Sprinkles to name a few. No they are really shoes with pastry names and you can also get its consumable equivalent? No they are girly sneakers with tantalizing names that come with lipgloss in the same flavor as the shoe's name. Well EAT MY SHOE! Maybe I need to just loosen up. Sigh.

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