Thursday, March 15, 2007

Look What I won!

When I visited New York comicon a couple of weeks ago I wandered around in a daze until I found Jimmy Gownley, Brooklyn 5 and 10 and Scholastic. The moment I saw Shaun Tan's name peering from the dimly lit booth I squealed. This book has not yet been published in the U.S. and the copy on display was being raffled. I promptly dropped my dog-eared business card with old email address, into a wide mouthed fish bowl knowing full well I would not be one of the fortunate. I was mistaken. It arrived on my desk. What a supreme gift!
Fuse #8 has written an impassioned review of this book, and I hope in the coming weeks to wander through the wordless landscape myself and post some personal observations. Shaun Tan is a genius. The Red Tree is a book that still manages to draw me through, chill me to the bone, leaden my boots, lose me, then softly, ever so deftly drop me on a downy coverlet and give me a draught of sweet dirt and sprung hope.


Liz B said...

I am jealous! I want to borrow!

fusenumber8 said...

Congrats! I actually don't own it myself and wanted one. So who wins it in the end? My boss. How fair is that?

You have my envy.