Monday, September 3, 2007

Crossing the not-so-great divide

Well, I up and did it! I changed jobs and I am now an adult reference librarian in a different branch of the same library system. Mind you I still serve children and families I just do it from a different desk, and I have no programs to design and prep for. Why did I do it? I am a creature driven by instinct and intuition. I have a certain biological wiring that alerts me to danger and urges me move on and change my circumstance. I had been feeling beleaguered for some time about children's work and my role as a public librarian. The summer is always rough. I am not good at waiting out my peculiar ailment sometimes called restless head syndrome so I cut my hair, shed 2 lbs left the puppets, paper dolls egg shakers and flannel board behind and started to walk a new walk and let me tell you it's a very different rhythm. I still read children's books and check the blogs. What's up with Esme? So begins a new era of blogging. Bon chance!

Here is a picture my daughter sent me from Paris. She is living with a host family with trois enfants and here is one of their learning tools. Look familiar?


Chris said...

Welcome back, Miss Pea! Glad to see you blogging again. Your posts are always so colorful and interesting

miss pea said...

thanks mon amie--just had a summer hiatus--now I'm back in the saddle (am I mixing metaphors?)