Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Folk Keeper and Children's Fantasy

I love this book. (I don't like the cover) I loved it when I first read it and I love it now. It is dark like water under reeds. It sways slowly and treacherously. Before you even get to the sea in this story you feel the pull of water and hidden currents. I like characters that are unflinching and hard like stone and Corin/Corinna captures this perfectly. I am reading this for my kidlit book group--we decided to explore children's fantasy so we are all reading Alice in Wonderland then a fantasy of our choice in hopes we can try to lasso the dimensions of this genre. I did not read much fantasy as a young person which is why I feel when I read "high fantasy" like Lord of the Rings I am overwhelmed and lost because I come poorly equipped to grok the conventions of the genre. I prefer faeries and things underground. I balk at grandiosity and clashing swords and flying dragons so maybe we shall discover that there is something for everyone. I will report back after this weekend's gathering.

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