Friday, April 11, 2008

SOS at the shoar

I live on/within 5 miles of the Jersey shoar and I don't really heart the beach. Yeah and neither do my kids. We also have never been to Disney. I know there must be a 12 step for us that do not cleave or heave or whatever so finally here is a book that makes me happy --all the squirrel books make me laugh but this one in particular b/c SOS (that's Scaredy Orville Squirrel) is terrified of the beach and all those people (me too--I don't like the people--my kids don't like the sand) so he decides to build a beach at home but he needs to go to the real beach to get the beach props to make his beach and along the way he actually "get his feet wet" returns home with some absconded "garden" ornaments and makes what to my mind is truly paradise!! I give this a big bushy paws UP. Ny favorite Scaredy Squirrel thus far.

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